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About Us

Professional 3D Scanning Services in Huntsville, AL

Innoviv – Product Design provides a wide range of professional 3D scanning, printing, and machining services for personal and commercial clients throughout Huntsville, AL. Our expert team has years of experience, and our technology has allowed us to help hundreds of clients realize the parts they need for repairs, scanning whole cars, recreating items digitally, and more. We help clients reverse engineer components in all types of industries. Most of our clients need parts machined that have been discontinued or require a unique approach. Learn about our team and our approach to 3D scanning, printing, machining, and more. When you’re ready, give us a call and talk about your situation. We’ll chat about how we can help you get the information and scan you need.

Team working on 3D print machine in Huntsville, AL

Our Vision

We help empower engineers to develop products with precision and certainty. Sometimes, it can be difficult to manufacture a specific component without our technology. That’s where we come in. WE help you realize and visualize your needs into a digital and then physical space. Our automation and state-of-the-art technology allow us to serve a wide range of industries and needs with high precision and quality. We’re quick, affordable, and look forward to working with you multiple times for all your scanning and printing needs. Using machine learning, our quotes are competitively priced, even on the most complicated components.

Our Services

3D Scanning

3D scanning provides all types of benefits. One of our biggest client bases for 3D scanning is classic car owners. While owning a classic car is fun and fulfilling, working on them and finding replacement parts can be a headache. With our 3D scanning services, you can reverse engineer parts that have been discontinued by manufacturers.

Additionally, we conduct in-depth 3D scans to provide accurate, 1:1 looks at complicated or difficult-to-see items and parts. From our 3D scans, we can compose the materials to move onto 3D printing for your needed components in no time.

3D Printing

3D scanning is one aspect – but printing is another animal. Our 3D printing services allow us to custom-build nearly anything imaginable for you. This means reverse engineered parts for classic vehicles, industrial needs, personal uses, and more. The possibilities are endless. We combine machine learning with years of experience in providing you with high-quality, accurate 3D prints.

CNC Machining

When you need something 3D printed but out of a more durable material than filament, we’ll turn to CNC machining. Pre-programmed computer software decides on the optimal way to cut and fabricate machinery and factory tool. It uses 3D scans of existing materials to recreate them or alter new components. Our method created effective, competitively-priced, and dependably CNC parts. Automotive engineers and private owners return to us for our expertise when it comes to creating specific components for them.

CAD Drawing

CAD stands for Computer-Aided Design. This is an accurate and effective way to produce exact depictions for any application. We use it to render automobiles, allowing us to reverse engineer specific parts for restoration projects when a manufacturer no longer creates a specific component. Our expert engineers use CAD Drawing with high-tech resources to create your piece to your exact specifications, no matter the size or detail.

Contact Us Today!

Whether you know exactly what you need but lack the machinery to create it or need to use our full range of services, we’re here for you. Our expert, friendly engineers have years of experience helping all types of clients create the components they need for work and recreation. Contact our team today to get started with one or many of our 3D services.

Contact Innoviv - Product Design Today!