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CNC Machining in Huntsville, AL

CNC machining, or computer-numerical-control machining, is a precise manufacturing process that uses computer software programs to control factory tools. This kind of manufacturing far surpasses manual processes by removing the limitations of hand control. Pre-programmed software dictates the movement of the tools, completely eliminating issues with the speed of movement and the inevitable introduction of human error into the process. The CNC process is unique from other kinds of computerized production and offers the widest computational manufacturing capacity.

Workers working on CNC machine at Innoviv - Product Design

CNC Machining 101

Although there are variations in CNC machining processes, generally, production starts with a 2D or 3D CAD drawing of the desired product. The drawing is then turned into a computer code, which is then fed into the CNC system software by an operator. The code corresponds to different tools associated with the system and tells each tool when, how, and in which direction to move. Before manufacturing begins, the operator does a dry run with the code and makes any necessary adjustments. When the code is exactly as it should be, the process can be repeated as many times as necessary to create as many products as desired.

CNC Machining Across Industries

CNC machining is widely used today across multiple industries. It has a long list of applications for manufacturers of metal and plastic components in particular, but because CNC machining works with so many different materials and can be programmed in so many different ways, you will find it being used for countless manufacturing processes.

At Innoviv – Product Design, we use CNC machining to create specialized tools and auto parts that are no longer available on the market for older vehicles and classic cars. Auto repair specialists and classic car enthusiasts alike count on our precise process for generating 3D metal replicas that can be used in repairs and restorations. We can use CNC machining with a variety of materials, including metal, wood, glass, foam, and composites.

Innoviv – Product Design and Your Classic Car

Your classic car is your pride and joy. Our highly skilled team of CNC operators knows the importance of precision when we’re creating replacement components and necessary tools to keep your classic car in top condition, and we never settle for anything less than perfect. When the parts you need are no longer available on the market, you can trust us to deliver excellence, every time.

Contact Innoviv – Product Design for CNC Machining

Get the parts you need to keep your classic car on the road or for your auto repair shop from Innoviv – Product Design. Our friendly, skilled team of engineers has helped countless clients get the parts they need for highly specialized jobs. Let us put our years of experience to work for you with CNC machining in Huntsville, AL. Contact us today to discuss your project. We can support you whether you know exactly which part you need to be produced or need assistance with design and CAD drawing. Be sure to ask about our full range of services.

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